Medical Equipment And Module Micro-Assembly

  Medical Equipment And Module Micro-Assembly

 CT(Computed Tomography), electronic Computed Tomography. It is the use of accurate alignment of the X ray, gamma ray, ultrasonic, and other sensitive detectors around a certain part of the human body one after another section scan, with fast scanning time, clear image. It can be used for a variety of diseases.

CT equipment mainly consists of X-ray tube, detector and scanning frame. Detector assembly is one of the applications in the field of micro-assembly


  What are the challenges? Mounting process that the detector needs to solve


Mounting process that the detector needs to solve
1. Alignment mounting process of anti-scattering grid tungsten sheet and scintillator photosensitive layer
2. Alignment mounting process of photosensitive layer of scintillator and photoelectric conversion chip
3. Alignment mounting process of multilayer ceramic component and mounting base



  The core process of micro-assembly equipment-patch

  Mounting technology of radon detector

1. Adopt the feature direct center counterpoint method to avoid the benchmark conversion to the maximum extent, unify the counterpoint method and the original intention as far as possible, so that the error accumulation brought by the counterpoint process is very small.

 2. The imaging system can clearly image the characteristics of the scintillator photosensitive layer and the contrastive characteristics of the photoelectric conversion core, and coordinate with software auxiliary tools for contrastive positioning.

3. The equipment has the best solution for the key processes such as the guarantee of Angle precision, the guarantee of the parallelism of the mount surface, the guarantee of the mount precision, and the guarantee of X/Y feature deviation

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