The WAFER automatic feeding system

  The WAFER automatic feeding system

  SIP module is a current trend of semiconductor packaging, which is to integrate one or more IC chips and discrete into one package. This IC chip may be Wire bonding chip or the chip of Flip chip to be mounted on Leadfream, Substrate or LTCC Substrate.

In encapsulation adhesive phase, there is big differences among components of size, shape, material, etc. The incoming materials of the device are mostly in the form of WAFER, which means that there will be a number of different WAFER switches in the packaging process of a substrate. There will be a number of switches of WAFER, WAFER thimble and suction nozzle. At present, the equipment supports 25 kinds of wafers to switch with the machine, three sets of thimble to switch, and 10 kinds of suction nozzle to switch, and the WAFER in the machine to expand the crystal function.




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