Mobile Phone Micro-Assembly

 Mobile Phone Micro-Assembly

  With the high-function development of small portable devices, the number of components installed in electronic devices is increasing, and the demand for small components that occupy a small board area is also increasing. About 400-500 of them are equipped in the latest smart phones. Therefore, new challenges are presented to mount and rework 008004 devices.


  What are the challenges? Pick up:

  ● the equipment needs to be fully automated

  ● components fragile, pressure requirements

  ● edges and faces with complex components around them

  ● high requirements for coplanar heating, need good thermal performance


  ● high requirements for coplanar heating, need good thermal performance

  ● higher requirements for mounting accuracy

  ● the accuracy of the position Angle is higher

  The solder is easy to oxidize, need to integrate inert gas protection function results:

  ● the problem of voiding occurs after cooling

  ● basic deformation problem

  ● hot warping can affect device life

 The solution

Welding procedure of super small 008004 device   

1. Place the substrate on the working platform that can be heated  

2. Pick up the 008004 device from the material tray and dip it into the solder paste   

3. Align 008004 device with subbase plate welding pad 

4. Attach the 008004 device to the subbase plate welding pad  

5. Heating welding (eutectic welding module or laser heating module) 

6. Nitrogen protection module is used in the heating process

7. Pick up welded samples


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