Adhesive technology

  Adhesive technology

  Glue in semiconductor packaging plays an indispensable role like concrete in the construction of high-rise buildings, such as chip fixation (red glue fixation chip), electrical connection (silver paste fixation semiconductor chip), stress reduction (silica gel fixation MEMS device), device protection (COB encapsulation chip) and so on. Glue plays an important role in packaging, and there are many ways of dispensing, common dispensing methods include the following four:

What are the challenges?

Dispensing mode




Time -pressure needle dispensing

Simple structure, low maintenance cost

Low accuracy, affected by liquid level

Screw valve

High accuracy, suitable for high viscosity and packing liquid


Screw cleaning is not convenient, the fluid is greatly affected by the ambient temperature

Suitable for solvent;Solder paste, particulate material;Hot melt grease;Silver paste etc.

Piston pump

Not affected by fluid viscosity changes


Cleaning is difficult, not suitable for packing fluid

Suitable for dot, not for marking


Spray Dispensing

High speed, high precision , no contact, no damage device, no z axis motion

High cost, difficult cleaning, not suitable for large particle packing fluid

Drive the firing needle to move at high speed through high speed solenoid valve, and spray a fixed number of glue points in unit time




type of glue


Dispensing mode


Quick-drying glue

Mobile phone button, circuit temporary bonding

Needle, rubber valve

Uv glue

Touch screen, LCD circuit  protection, buttons, headset, CCD, CCM lens

Spray, time - pressure rubber valve

Bottom Fill COB


Spray, screw valve, needle barrel

Conductive adhesive, solder paste



Screw valve, needle barrel

Three proofing glue

Flexible plate, waterproof case

The spray valve

Two component acrylic acid, two component epoxy

Housing bond, seal, connector bond

Two component rubber valve


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