MEMS Micro-Assembly

  MEMS Micro-Assembly

 (Micro-electromechanical systems, MEMS micro/mechanical/micro system) MEMS sensor is the main advantage is small volume, light weight, low power consumption, high reliability, high sensitivity, easy integration and so on, is the main force of the micro sensor, is gradually replacing the traditional mechanical sensors, in almost every field research, whether it is consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace, machinery, chemical industry and medicine fields.

1   What are the challenges?1

  The solution

Pick up tools and function modules  

Customized special pickup suction head with automatic pressure module to ensure the safety of controllable bonding pressure and components  

Customized special suction head can actively and passively self-leveling to ensure the flatness of bonding interface and prevent SMILE effect.

It can be equipped with nozzle heating module, ultrasonic module, laser heating module, UV dispensing and curing module, hot nitrogen and formic acid process protection gas, base preheating module, process control module, chip flip welding module .

It can be able to achieve high precision automatic alignment, mounting, dispensing, bonding and other core functions. Different functional modules can be customized to complete ultrasonic hot pressing bonding, laser hot pressing bonding (tin, indium, eutectic) adhesive, curing and other technologies.

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