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ShuttleStar SV-2000A large repair platform

SV-2000A Hot air head and mounting head are integrated design, equipped with automatic welding and automatic mounting function, which can remember 50,000 working positions; It is equipped with X, Y axis stepping motor drive, rocker operation. It can be moved in small steps as it approaches the target, with memory function, and it has mass data storage. It automatically absorb BGA for welding, and automatically placed to the designated location of the BGA after welding; It is equipped with color optical vision system, with spectral dual color, amplification and fine tuning function, including color difference discrimination device, auto focus, software operation function, 30 times optical zoom, and it can repair the maximum BGA inch 80mm*80mm.

ShuttleStar RW - SV560A

SV560A adopts streamlined appearance design, saving space, with automatic material absorption, automatic welding, automatic disassembly, automatic material discharge. It equipped with up and down hot air, bottom infrared, three temperature zone independent heating, heating time and temperature real-time display. The bottom of the machine is equipped with the strong cross-flow fan cooling, which can cool quickly and reliably; It has the functions of light splitting, amplification and fine adjustment, including color difference distinguishing device, automatic focus and software operation. It equipped embedded industrial control computer,

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