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ShuttleStar RW-E6250U large repair platform

RW-E6250U adopts the integration design of hot air head and mounting head, which have the function of automatic material absorption, automatic welding, automatic welding and automatic discharging (patent no. : ZL200720127185.8); It adopts embedded industrial control computer, which can achieve PLC control and show temperature curve, real-time display, temperature curve analysis. And it can be compared with the historical preservation curve. In the process of heating, the curve analysis, setting and correction of process parameters can be carried out. With the functions of light splitting, amplification and fine adjustment, including color difference resolution device, auto focus and software operation, it can be operated by rocker. Upper and lower hot air heads can be moved at any position in the large IR bottom preheating zone, which is suitable for BGA to be repaired reliably at different positions on PCB.

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